• Soukyam Movie Review

    Gopichand managed to score a blockbuster last year with Soukyam, and now he arrived with Soukyam. AS Ravi Kumar Chowdary is the director and Sexy Regina Cassandra is the female. Let us check the review to know more about the film.

    Gopichand and Regina in Soukyam
    Gopichand and Regina in Soukyam


    We don’t want to give the audience  a wrong impression by elaborating the one-line story. So we are writing it in here the least possible way that we can write. There is a guy (Gopichand) and then there is a girl (Regina). This guys falls for her and she accepts him after some time. Then there are Comedians, who enter the film without any link to the script. Some people Kidnap heroine and the hero rescues her. 

    Yes, this is the same old story which our Telugu audience have been watching since the last 20 years. This time, Director and STAR WRITER Kona Venkat executed the film in the worst possible way.


    If there is anything good to talk about the film, then it is the lead pair. Both Gopichand and Regina were good in the film and the good part ends here itself. Right from the beginning of the film, one can easily understand the story and torture begins without any kind of warning.

    Forced comedy scenes, illogical situations and boring songs make Soukyam one of the worst films of 2015. After making his comeback with Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham, AS Ravikumar Chowdary was confident that this film will entertain the audience.

    Anup Rubens’ music is no good and the background score is terrible.

    There isn’t a single reason that the makers have the right to ask the audience to watch Soukyam. And the only comfort our audience would get in the theater is watching the title. Rest is crap.





    Bottomline: Soukyam is one of the worst films in Gopichand’s career and 2015. Time for the PUNCH Dialogue writers to take rest and Director should start searching for Actual Stories, rather than banking on a STAR WRITER.

    Tollywood Andhra Soukyam Rating: 1.5

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