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    Srimanthudu Review

    After delivering consecutive flops at the box-office, Superstar Mahesh Babu teamed up with ‘Mirchi’ director Koratala Siva for Srimanthudu. Let us get into the review to know about the film.

    Harsha (Mahesh Babu) is the son of Billionaire Businessman Ravi (Jagapathi Babu). Though he is born with a silver spoon, Harsha doesn’t like to inherit his father’s assets and he wants to earn respect by helping the needy people. Harsha happens to see Charusheela (Shruti Haasan) and he falls in love with her.

    Charusheela is fond of Harsha ,but she decides to avoid him after coming to know about his family. Will Harsha leave Charusheela? What will Harsha come to know from her? All these threads form the rest of the story.

    Irrespective of hits and flops, Mahesh Babu has always tried to deliver content based films. Srimanthudu happens to come under the same category. Right from the beginning of the film, director Koratala Siva made it clear to the audience that the Hero has determined to do good for the society.

    It’s good to see that a person goes to a village, adopts that place and then develop it. Is it possible in real life? After looking at the way Koratala narrated his idea in Srimanthudu, people might definitely think that it is possible.

    Mahesh Babu delivered another outstanding performance in Srimanthudu. His body language is completely different and his dialogue modulation is fantastic. Its a delight to watch a Superstar like Mahesh Babu to choose such a good content based film. 

    Shruti Haasan tried her best to perform, but she couldn’t. Audience can expect visual feast from her in the songs.

    Jagapathi Babu and Rajendra Prasad came up with matured performances. Rahul Ravindran is OK in his limited roles. Sukanya doesn’t had much to do. Poorna appeared in the first song Rama Rama

    Koratala Siva’s storyline is good and the screenplay is taut. However, climax appeared to be bit lengthy and its kind of a turn off for the film.

    Devi Sri Prasad’s songs are soothing and the Background Score took the film to the next level. 

    Cinematography by Madhie is rich and the production values of Mythri Movie Makers are grand.

    Makers should have taken care with the VFX work in the title song of Srimanthudu. Jaago Jaago song is our best pick in the film.

    Verdict: People who expect mindless comedy can stay away from this films. For others, this ‘Srimanthudu’ won’t disappoint you.

    Tollywood Andhra Rating: 3.25/5

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