• Tamil 3idiots remake ‘Nanban’ for Sankranthi

    Here is the new poster of Shankar’s 3 idiots remake ‘Nanban’. Gemeni Film Circuits which acquired the Telugu and Tamil remake rights of the movie, tried to rope in Mahesh Babu in to tje project but failed to do so. Sensational director Shankar is directing the Tamil version titled ‘Nanban’ starring Vijay, Jeeva and ‘Rojapoolu’ Sri Ram.

    Now, Gemeni Film circuits are in two mind whether to release the movie on their own banking on Shankar’s image or to sell the dubbing rights of Nanban. They are reportedly quoting huge price as they have to recover the amount spent to acquire Telugu remake rights of 3 idiots. They are confident that Shankar’s Charishma in AP will bring a hefty sum.

    The Telugu dubbed version of Nanban would be titled ‘3 rascals’. The movie will release for Sankranthi, 2012.

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