• Telangana heat on CMGR

    Pawan kalyan’s Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu is facing the ire of agitators in Telangana region. Telangana activists from TRS party and other groups has stopped the screening in many Places in telanagana area including a few places in twin cities. They allege that there are few dialogues in the movie that insult Telangana agitation.

    Nizam Distributor Dil raju, director Puri jagan have invited the TRS leaders and OU JAC for a special screening of the movie and offered to delete the offending scenes as per necessity. Even after that a few people has attacked the office of Purijagan and damaged Furniture,Computers,Cars in Puri Jagan office.

    We have to wait and see how ugly this turn out to be!


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