• Who ditched Ileana?

    Ileana's Ex-Love

    Ileana who have been in News in the South for all sorts of wrong reasons had found one more reason to stay in bad air. In a recent interview to a Newspaper, she had revealed that she was in strong relationship with an actor who he has ditched her later. However, she did not disclose who it is. Our team had decided to dig in to this issue and found the man.

    He is Reza Ashtarian, who acted in about 7 movies till now. Out of which, three movies have Ileana in the female lead (Devadasu, Saleem, Shakthi). Both of them bond big time and used to appear together at many events and functions. Iran based Reza’s family own a chain of restaurants in Hyderabad in which Ileana had launched one. And the bizzare thing is that Reza is already married before getting in to relation with Ileana and has a daughter too.

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