• Will Bunny be lucky in Kerala as well?

    Stylish Star Allu Arjun commands a huge following in Kerala than any other Telugu hero. His next movie, Sarainodu was supposed to have a simultaneous release in Malayalam  along with the Telugu version on the same day, but was cancelled in the last minute. The Malayalam version is titled Yodhaav The Warrior.
    Allu Arjun in Yodhaav
    Allu Arjun in Yodhaav
    Yodhaav is now releasing in Kerala on May 13th as Summer Special. Sarainodu is doing extremely well at box office despite the negative talk and bad reviews, the film garnered on its release day. We will have to see if the movie will have the dream run in Kerala as well.
    Allu Arjun will fly to Kerala the next week and participate in the movie promotions there. The young man is ambitious to give the movie necessary promotions push as it will further improve his market there. Sources say the movie is likely to get a wide release there. The Telugu version will also release on the same day in limited screens.
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