• 44 injured in road accident at Ranastalam

    A RTC bus traveling from Ramachandrapuram inEast Godavarito Ichchapuram in Srikakulam district having 44 people on board collides into a running truck. The mishap takes place around 1.43 am on Tuesday near the same place at Ranastalam Srikakulam district, where just few days ago TDP leader K.ErraNaidu has lost his life in a road accident.

    All the passengers traveling in the bus are said to be sustained injuries, while 23 of them had severe injuries and 7 others are said to be in critical condition. Unlike before, this time three 108 ambulances have rushed to the site with minutes of the accident and they even able to bring the Fire Service, Police and local people to the spot to join the rescue operations.

    According to 108 ambulance driver, they start giving treatment to the severely injured bus driver who stuck in his seat. It takes more than half an hour to bring him out of his seat said the ambulance driver, who participated in the rescue operation.

    All the injured were shifted to near by hospital at Ranastalam and severely injured to RIMS hospital in Srikakulam district.

    According to bus driver the accident took place when the speeding truck driver suddenly applies breaks to his vehicle, who escapes without stopping his vehicle.

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