• Absent because sick: Vijaya Shanti

    Medak MP and senior TRS leader Vijaya Shanti was not seen in the prestigious ‘Samarabheri’ meeting of TRS held at Suryapeta in Nalgonda district yesterday. She was also not seen actively participating in any of the TRS programs during last few months except now and then giving her attendance in the party meetings. Naturally, it gives way to rumors stating differences between KCR and she erupts and that is why she absconds from yesterday meeting. Quickly reacting to the reports, Vijaya Shanti calls the media to condemn the reports of having differences with KCR and to explain the reason for her absence. She told the media persons that she couldn’t attend the meeting because she was suffering with cold and fever since last two days.

    However, there was talk that the TRS president KCR has intentionally set her aside as he couldn’t digest her dominating nature in public meetings. Vijaya Shanti is also said to be felt humiliated for not getting due respect among the party leaders.




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