• Andhra milk, Telangana milk!

    It is evident that Telangana agitation has created a wide gap between the people of Telangana and rest of the state. It also has developed differences between them over several issues ranging from political powers to irrigation projects. These days, everything is being measured with same yard stick to underline the partiality shown towards Seemandhra region by the Government. Now adds to this list is ‘Milk.’ Even a daily commodity like milk is also found in this partiality list.

    During the last few years, the dairy industry in the state has grown into a big business collecting more than 6 lakh liters per day from the dairy farmers in the villages. It is going to cross 7 lakh mark during the next month which is peak of the season, where as it was just 4.5 lakhs liters only. The huge growth of milk supply in the state leads into a crisis situation for the dairies engaged in processing and sales of the milk.

    Unable to co-op with the flooding milk supplies, some dairies in the state have adopted ‘milk-holiday’ to reduce their losses in milk processing. During these 2-3 days of milk holiday, dairies won’t buy milk from the dairy farmers.

    While, AP Dairy was forced to with draw its ‘milk-holiday’ decision due to immense pressures from all over, recently Vijaya Dairy in Telangana region found stuck itself in the same case. Its decision to observe three-day milk-holiday creates havoc among the rural areas in Telangana region and obviously it drags the attention of TRS leaders.

    Senior TRS leader Harish rao speaking to media has said “If, the dairy is having problem in processing the milk, let it first collect milk from Telangana villagers only and not from Seemandhra milk suppliers. I came to know even after collecting milk from Telangana dairy farmers, still there is scope for processing of 1 lakh liters of milk in our dairies. So, even if the dairies collect milk from Telangana farmers first, it won’t make any difference for Seemandhra suppliers. So, I demand the dairies in Telangana should give first preference to Telangana farmers only. Otherwise, we will fight out against their discrimination.”

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