• Are Telangana people thinking otherwise now?


    NDA and TDP party are forming a formidable team to put up a tight show at the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Elections. What remains to be seen is how the people of Telangana react to this. After voting the party that promised them a new liberal world, little has changed and in some cases things have gone from bad to worse. The strengthening of NDA and TDP means that they think they have an outside chance.

    Unless things improve in the newly formed Telangana state, the locals might think beyond the local dialect and regional feeling. Already, there seems to be an unrest among the people of Telangana on the leadership skills of Telangana Rashtra Samithi chief K Chandrasekhar Rao. Unless some measures are immediately taken to improve the confidence of his people, TRS might face strong opposition from within their own homes.

    The GHMC elections might actually be an acid test to TRS and while NDA + TDP has nothing to lose, their pact might actually bring forth a new ground level reality.

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