• Baby Saanvi’s murderer accepts guilty

    The brutal murder of 10 months old cute baby Saanvi and her grand mother Satyavati (61) at Upper Merion city in US on October 22nd this year by none other than their family friend Y.Raghunandan has left the family in big shock and also make the people of Andhra Pradesh feel ashamed of him. Raghunandan and Saanvi parents hail from Andhra Pradesh and settled in US as software engineers.

    Raghunandan confessing to police said that, actually he has no plans to kill anyone, but just tried to kidnap the baby to demand ransom. But, unfortunately he killed Satyavati and baby Saanvi died of suffocation in the suitcase as he stuffed his hand kerchief in her mouth to calm up. Later, he even tried to distract the police by distributing the ‘look-out notices’ issued by FBI and TANA for the baby. But, he straight away walks into investigation teams thinking that by then they would have zeroed upon some other culprit and got arrested by the police.

    According to latest reports, Raghunandan has accepted his guiltiness and regrets for what he has done to his friend’s family. Police have charged him for murder, kidnapping, cheating and robbery. The court has adjourned his case to next month.

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