• Botsa and Dharmana enjoys cadre support

    Maharashtra MLA Prasanth Talkur who was hand picked by Rahul Gandhi as AICC observer for AP state, has arrived at Vizianagaram recently to list out the winning horses names for the next general elections. He was accompanied by PCC general secretary CG Srinivas and some others. When they asked the party cadres to propose some names of winning horses from the district, they have unanimously mentioned only one name that is Botsa Jhansirani who is a parliament member now and wife of PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana. The cadres have opined that no one else in the district can match her caliber in any aspect. So, it is understood her name was confirmed for the next general elections also.

    However, it is different situation at Srikakulam for Rahul’s team. Before they round up Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao and Amudhalavalasa MLA Boddepalli Satyavati’s names proposed by the party cadres, they had to listen main complaints from them about the indiscipline in the district wing, injustice to honest working, lack of interest in campaigning the welfare schemes implemented by ruling congress government etc.

    While they are supporting Dharmana, who is facing charges against him by CBI in connection with Vanpic land scam, the cadres surprised the AICC observer by opposing the candidature of Killi Kriparani, who was also said to be hand picked by Rahul Gandhi for the Minister Post in Dr.Manmohan cabinet during the reshuffle.

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