• Botsa offers, Reddy rejects!

    Just three days ago, PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana has appointed DCC presidents fro 3 districts. Kandula Shivananda Reddy has been appointed as Kadapa district DCC president. While, Botsa is preparing for a radical changes in the PCC and also gearing up for an extensive tour across the state to prepare the party cadres for the 2014 elections, the first blow come from Kandula Shivananda Reddy,  Kadapa. He has refused to accept the DCC Post offered by Botsa Satyanarayana.

    It is learnt that, he believes that accepting the post means being remain to second to Botsa, who is junior to him in the party. His decision turns a speed breaker for Botsa’s enthusiastic plans and creates an unexpected trouble to him. Now, either he has to appoint a new person in his place, which need Shivananda Reddy’s consent or to take disciplinary action against him for disobeying his orders, which is also very hard to imagine.

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