• Botsa outcry over conspiracy

    A news report published in a English daily and Sakshi news papers stating Central Minister Kishore Chandradev has wrote a letter to UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi asking her to remove PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana and Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy from their posts, creates havoc among the Congress circles. It is reported in those paper that Kishore Chandradev opines that while Kiran Kumar Reddy is incapable as CM of the state and lost confidence of his cabinet ministers, Botsa Satyanarayana is damaging party image with his illegal and corrupt practices. Hence, Kishore Chandradev wrote letter asking for an immediate replacement of both.

    Botsa Satyanarayana sharply reacting to this media reports, said he is going to sue the English daily news paper for publishing baseless reports against him. He said that he has never come into contact with Minister Kishore Chandradev during the recent past. Then, how can he write like that about him? asks Botsa.

    Botsa speaking to media said “I know some elements inside and outside the party are conspiring against me. They even spending lakhs of rupees in filing cases against me in the courts to tarnish my clean image. I like to know from where all this money pouring-in and who is funding the court cases? I am a nominated PCC President. So, I never worried about my continuance in this post. If, the party high command wants to replace me, let it replace. It has all the rights to do so. But, why these people are conspiring behind me? Sonia Gandhi very well knows what I am. Hence, I need not to care about these people and their conspiracies against me.”

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