• ‘Cash transfer’ shower votes for Cong?

    It appears Congress is too eager to influence the voters even though there is enough time for the scheduled general elections. Few days ago it has sent specially appointed and trained political observers to several states to trace out the sure-winners for the 2014 elections. Next, it comes out with fancy cash-transfer scheme on Tuesday.

    Finance Minister Chidambaram and Rural development Minister Jairam Ramesh announcing this cash transfer scheme boasted it ‘Aapka Paisa Aap ke Haath’ (Your money in your hands). This scheme will replace the existing systems of payments being made under various welfare schemes like old age pensions, widow pensions, gas subsidies etc. from January 1st 2013. Now, the money will be directly transferred into the concerned peoples’ bank accounts as mentioned in their Aadhar cards, thus eliminating mediators and corruption in the system. While Congress party believes it as a trump card for the next general elections, opposition parties see it otherwise. CPM leader Seetaram Echuri opined that it is also part of Congress game plan, with which it keeps its options open to reduce or even to gradually abandon the welfare schemes like old age pensions and subsidy on gas etc at any time after the elections. At the same time, the Congress party also plans to gradually abandon the ‘public distribution system’ on which crores of people across the country depends for their survival.

    However, the pace with which the Congress party is moving now give us an idea that it has some thing else in its mind about conducting the general elections. It may announce mid-term elections at any moment, once its young driver Rahul Gandhi give his nod, who is going to steer the Congress party in the elections.

    During the 2009 general elections it was TDP which comes out with this attractive cash transfer scheme to win the peoples’ hearts. Party president Chandrababu’s son Nara Lokesh has developed this idea of cash transfer after conducting a thorough research which is being implemented in some countries. However, people who were under tremendous influence of late YS.Rajashekar Reddy couldn’t believe Chandrababu’s words and believed it just another trick to get elected. Chandrababu’s personal image as an ‘unreliable leader’ also has played spoil sport in this regard.

    The same Congress party which then criticized TDP for coming with such an impractical idea, not only hijacks his scheme but also using it as the trump card for the next general elections.

    The Congress Government, which already faced setbacks in the north during the recent elections and expecting bitter experience atGujaratstate next, might have found this cash transfer scheme only can save its skin in the next elections. In return it expect the people to forget all the corruptions issues, its failure in controlling the price hike etc etc.

    People might feel very sorry to watch our political parties playing the same tricks again and again believing that people of the country can be easily managed with such tricks.  That’s how some ‘Aam Admi parties’ takes birth to rectify the system.

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