• Can’t live with fear forever: CM

    Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is in a depressive mood over the developments taken place during the last three days and for the media stories about his replacement soon. On the eve of Children’s Day today, his speech addressing the children at Ravindra Bharati reveals his mood. Although, it looks educating the children, it reflects his feelings.

    “If, one lives his life fearing everyday it is equal to death. One can’t live with fear forever. Once we have taken a decision with full confidence we shouldn’t worry about its consequences. Money, fame, power all these things come and go in our lives. But, the only thing that remains with us till our end is our knowledge gained through education. One can strip down your powers, loot your money, one day you may even loose your fame, but surely no one can steal your knowledge. It can be obtained only through your hard efforts. You have to strive hard for your success. No one will come to your help all the times,” said Kiran Kumar Reddy.


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