• Center is eager on FDI than Telangana bill: Babu

    TDP president Chandrababu Naidu before starting his 2nd day of pada-yatra on yesterday morning from Pitlam in Nizamabad district spoke to local people. Addressing them, he said “The UPA government is eager to pass the FDI bill to benefit few foreign traders rather than introducing the Telangana bill in the parliament which has been a demand of lakhs of Telangana people. Even though, I wrote a letter to UPA government long back asking it convene an all party meeting to finalize this issue, there was no response from it. I never spoke against Telangana, as alleged by TRS and their allies.”

    Making remarks on KCR he said “KCR sleeps for 6 months and bluffs the people giving falls assurances for the next 6 months. He doesn’t have sincerity on Telangana issue, except creating some jobs for himself and to his family members in the name of Telangana agitations. He did nothing for Telangana people except playing games with their lives. It’s TDP which strives hard for the all round development of Telangana.”

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