• Chandra Babu Naidu Might Step Down as Chief Minister

    ChandraBabu Naidu caught in the cash for vote scam trouble
    Cash for vote scam trouble brewing and might cost CBN his CM seat.

    In a freshly brewing trouble for Telugu Desam Party, the evidence involving ChandraBabu Naidu’s purported phone conversation in the cash for vote scam, might just see him step down from the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh’s role. Even while the TDP officials and all the supporters of the party and the big man himself, having been rubbishing the audio clippings saying that the intentions are being fabricated by out of context sentences, news is that ACB is moving closer to the kill.

    Close aides from the party office believe that ChandraBabu’s stepping down is inevitable. Among the names to replace him as an interim CM of Andhra Pradesh, the Civil Aviation Minister, Mr. Ashok Gajapathy Raju seems to be the frontrunner.

    Please watch this space as we bring more latest updates.

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