• Whip issued to Cong. MPs

    Congress party chief whip Girija Vyas has issued a whip to party MPs asking them to attend the Parliament meetings on 22nd and 23rd without fail to support their party during the voting on FDI Bill notice given by the opposition parties.

    Telangana Congress party MPs, who met yesterday at K.Kesavrao’s home to discuss their strategy to be adopted in the parliament on Telangana issue, said to be differs on this FDI issue. While some of them argues in favor of party some others in this group wants to utilize this opportunity to pressurize the party high command on Telangana issue. However, a senior leader from the group told the media that they couldn’t reveal their strategy at the present situation.

    The FDI bill is also going to be acid test for YSR Congress party, which has two members in the Loksabha. It has to make it clear whether it is having some understanding with Congress party or it is going offensive against it. If, YSRC party goes against Congress party, it is going to affect Jagan’s release from jail. If, it supports Congress party during the FDI bill voting, his rivals in the state especially TDP and TRS will underline it during their every meeting from now onwards.

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