• Did TRS made the others run for life?

    Once again the Telangana issue becomes a major concern for all the political parties, with TRS being reactivated on this subject. In other words, for every (proper) action by TRS there has to be an equal reaction from other parties. TRS made the other parties run for cover with its recent decisions taken in the two-day-meetings. It obliges the other parties either to come with a concrete decision or succumb to the pressure created by TRS.

    The other day TRS concludes its brainstorm meeting at Kareem Nagar, Congress party is forced to meet urgently to discuss on this burning issue at10 Janapath Road. The same way, TDP is also obliged to have a core committee meeting to find a way out from this critical situation.

    Although, YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister Sharmila and mother YS Vijaya Lakshmi are trying gathering support in Telangana through their pada yatras, KCR opined that they can be ignored because they have no solid answer to this burning issue. So he opined they can’t convince the people anyway. Speaking to media he asked “Do you believe that people of Telangana are still interested to be ruled by Seemandhra leaders and their parties? I don’t think people will hug Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSR Congress party. So, I am not worried about their presence in the region.”

    While, BJP is the only one party sitting cool because of its clear announcement made in favor Telangana, Congress party and TDP are obliged to come out with some sort of plan to defend themselves from KCR attacks. Although, both these parties have had core committee meetings, people opine that they may come up with same old strategies to continue their existence in the region.



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