• Didn’t misuse my powers: Botsa

    PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana is in media focus these days for one reason or the other. He drew the media attention with the grand marriage function of his daughter performed at Vizianagaram just few days ago. Entire police force in the north coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh and several government officials have dedicated themselves to see everything goes smooth.

    Congress leaders Chiranjeevi and Kruparani who assumed their offices as Ministers in the Center also have arrived for the first time to city on the same day to attend the function of Botsa’s daughter.

    Sadly, senior TDP leader K.Erram Naidu also died on the same day. Hence, the north coastal cities, for the first time have witnessed the arrival of many many VVIPs from all over the country and obviously, the administration in these 3 districts have to stand on the toes to welcome these VVIP guests. Ultimately, the administration in these three districts-Visakha, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam has come to a virtual standstill during last week.

    Botsa Daughter Marriage

    However, opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu and several others, who also arrived at Vizag have severely criticized Botsa Satyanarayana for misusing his powers to make arrangements for his daughter’s marriage.

    Botsa speaking to media has said that, he has never misused his powers and never tried to indulge in any kind of illegal activities that tarnish his personal or party image. If anyone find fault with him he will be ashamed of himself.

    Botsa also ruled out the media rumors about change of leadership in the government and in the party. He blames media for coming with imaginary stories with which some of the aspirants in his party went to New Delhi to seek clarification from the party high command on this issue

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