• Does it take 20 lives to learn a lesson?

    T Rajaiah
    Rajaiah is no more the Deputy CM of Telangana.


    Telangana Chief Minister, K ChandraSekhar Rao dropped his Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Health T Rajaiah from the council of his ministers over allegations on his inability to take immediate steps to combat swine flu that has taken 20 lives so far in just Hyderabad. There were also allegations of corruption in the health ministry in the last few months of him taking charge of the portfolio.

    Srihari now comes in place of T Rajaiah and has been appointed as the new Deputy Chief Minister in a no media affair on Sunday. Governor ESL Narasimhan looked at the formalities.

    It is a known fact that he was under fire by the team that visited from the centre to help the Telangana state government in handling the swine flu epidemic. These allegations came true after the committee reported the inefficiences with the current ministry that were probed further.

    The one big question that we want to know if why does it take the lives of common man for a government to learn such lessons. Don’t they think these are very costly lessons?

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