• Dosti Katif: KCR

    TRS president K.Chandrashekar Rao, who recently assured his party leaders of coming-out with an all new policy for the party, has declared his first plan to media today. Addressing the media he said that, from now onwards TRS will snap ties with all the political parties and face the elections alone without any alliance. If, TRS could achieve full majority in the forthcoming elections it can make the ruling parties kneel down before it.

    It is also reported that he is planning for ‘Operation Akarsha’ with which he plans to encourage migrations from other parties into TRS, so as all the parties will be virtually wiped off from the region before next general elections. Particularly, he is going to concentrate on Congress and TDP which he believes cheated the Telangana people. Most probably, he may come out with some more plans to recharge his party caders.

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