• Each MLA was sold at Rs.10 crore: Babu

    TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu during his ‘Vastunna Meekosam’ pada-yatra in Medak district told a stunning fact to the people who attend his meeting held near BDL main gate at Banur in Medak district on Sunday. “Some of our MLAs were sold for Rs.10 crore each to our rival party just like buffaloes in the market.  When they don’t like our party principles, I ask why did they joined us and contested in the elections in year 2009? I am not afraid or worried of loosing them. If, one MLA leaves us, our party can make 50 people to that post. These days, politics become highly corrupted and lacks moral values. So, I here by call youngsters to join the politics to bring change in the polluted politics of the state and the country.”

    He said “The present ruling Congress Government in the state and the UPA Government in the Center have made people lives miserable with their foolish decisions and policies. While, the Center levies extra burden on the common man by reducing subsidy cylinders to 6, the state Government is harassing the people with power cuts and surcharge on electrical bills. If, we are given chance to rule the state, I promise you to give 10 cylinders per year on subsidy and generate employment for the youth. “

    Speaking about TRS, he said “TRS is a party which sleeps for 6 months and bluffs the people with tricks for the next 6months.”

    Chandrababu’s wife Bhuvaneswari, son Lokesh and several leaders of his party also have joined his pada-yatra at Medak district.


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