• Gas trouble leads Rs.6.7 crore catch

    Gas trouble leads Rs.6.7 crore catch

    An auto carrying Rs.6.7 crores hard cash all in Rs.1000 and 500 denominations had a break down exactly before the main entrance gate of DGP office at Lakdikapool, Hyderabad on Wednesday evening, as it ran out of fuel (Gas). Then the auto driver has called another auto and starts shifting the 3 heavy bags into another auto. The bags are so heavy that he couldn’t handle them alone. So, when he seeks the help of the other auto driver it leads to minor argument between them. It attracts Sanjeeva Reddy, the constable on duty at the gate, who went there with curiosity to know the details. When the first auto driver objects the police from touching the bags, his curiosity rose further and he opened the bags only to be shocked to see crores of rupees in the bags. Immediately, he informed Saifabad Police about the catch and toed the second auto into DGP office premises. While the police are busy with the second auto and the bags inspection, the real culprit-first auto driver simply escaped from the location toeing his vehicle manually.

    Dy.Commissioner Tarun Joshi and Saifabad Additional Commissioner Ramanarasimha Reddy rushed to the location. According to them, there was Rs.6,70,50,000 amount in the bags. Later they have handed over the amount to Income Tax department officials at Masab Tank. According to the police the amount has been drawn from State Bank of Mysore located somewhere in Karnataka state. The police have registered a case under CRPC 41 and 102 sections. The police are planning to trace out the persons involved in this case with the help of serial numbers printed on the notes. So far, no one has come forward to claim the amount.

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