• Geeta Reddy spit fire on Kodhandaram

    TJAC Chairman Prof.Kodhandaram remarks against Minister Geeta Reddy take a caste twist. Few days ago, he said “I don’t understand how a woman like Geeta Reddy was born to a great woman like Eeswaribai, who fought for the welfare of downtrodden. She should be torched with burning wood piece on both her hands.”

    Soon after it creates uproar in the Congress circles, Prof. Kodhandaram apologized her through media. However, Minister Geeta Reddy didn’t believe that he is whole heartily conveyed it. Hence, Geeta Reddy spits fire against him. She said “He has not only insulted me but also the mothers and womenfolk of our state with his remarks. He belongs to an upper cast. So, he has shown his upper hand over us with his remarks. During the old times, people like him used to implement such punishments on our communities. Once again, he also wants to do the same in these modern times. He should know that, he is raiding on the shoulders of our BCs and SCs. They should realize his mentality now. If, I was given such punishment, can he assure of Telangana? If so, I am ready for any sacrifice. While demanding us to quit our posts why did he still stick to his Professor Post? Why doesn’t he resign to it for Telangana cause? So far, I had great respect fro him. But, now I lost it with his remarks. In politics, we may criticize each other on party basis. But, going personal level is to be condemned. I demand him to apologize all the womenfolk.”

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