• Hazare forms core-committee

    Social activist Anna Hazare has formed his core-committee consisting 13 members on Saturday. The committee will have its office at New Delhi and starts its operations from 30th of January next year. However, it will have a meeting before end of this month to chalk-out its action plans.

    Speaking to media “The Lokpal Bill that I spoke about is not so weak that the Government has shaped it now. I am insisting a powerful bill that can bring any one in the country under its scanner. Especially, powerful Lokpal Bill is needed to wash-out the corruption from our Government offices. So, I demand the Government to bring a powerful Lokpal bill before 2014 elections.”

    “The people should have the choice to recall their representatives who are not working for them,” said Anna Hazare.

    Speaking further he said “I am against the foreign companies which are now allowed to do business in our country. I also oppose of handing over our natural resources to private companies.”

    “If the Government couldn’t understand its people’s language, then the people will make it understand their language. Explaining about the different levels of his fight against corruption, “It will be spread from Panchayat level to National level,” said Anna.

    Anna said “I hereby call the citizens of the country to join our fight to eradicate corruption from our country. Merely speaking against corruption is not enough. We need to join our hands to complete this big task.”

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