• “I’ll spill all the beans,” says Kiran Kumar Reddy

    kiran kumar reddy

    The ex and last Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy announced that he will be releasing a book that will include all the uncomfortable and dark truths behind the bifurcation of the state to form Telangana. A 400-page book to be, this tell all tale will supposedly document all the events that resulted in the division of the state highlighting the ulterior motives of all the leaders that includes, KCR, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, TDP President ChandraBabu Naidu and some of the other Andhra Pradesh Congress leaders.

    Post quitting or rather losing the power, the leader started a non-starter political party called Jai SamaikyaAndhra. With nothing to bank on, this ex-Congress leader spent his initial days teeing off at golf clubs and spending time with his family. He went to the US to complete most of the book and the manuscript of his untitled book is ready.

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