• Is Chiranjeevi a winner or looser?

    Everyone in the state knows how Chiranjeevi has strived hard to reach No.1 position in film industry and become Mega Star for his fans. He achieved it with years of hard efforts and didn’t choose any shortcuts to success. People also knew that he has no god father to help him in the industry in his struggle. Finally, he made it top and becomes darling of the Telugu people. He has created himself such a great image that even he couldn’t break it to do some ordinary roles in the films. Story writers in the film industry are obliged to write stories keeping in view of his big image. Otherwise, it hurts his fans and movie buffs to watch him doing simply films like “Daddy’ or an ‘Apadbanduvu,’ come they may be great films.

    This popularity among the people and their love towards him leads to film ‘Indra’ ‘Stalin’ and ‘Tagore’ which become super hits. In those films, he has shown the people what he can do if he really enters into politics. And, there was huge demand for his political entry by his fans for a longtime. His near and dear and some politicians also encourage him for political entry. Chiranjeevi, who is also influenced with late NTR’s grand success in the politics, has believed that, the same rousing welcome will be given to him by the people if he joins politics. After having exhaustive discussions about his political entry and his political future, finally he launched his Praja Rajyam party in 2008 August at Tirupati.

    But, one thing Chiranjeevi and his team of experts has conveniently ignored was neither there was any political vacuum nor any critical situation in the state, just like the times during late NTR’s political entry. Then the state is being ruled by the most powerful leader Late.Dr.YS. Rajashekar Reddy and he is also as popular as Chiranjeevi among the people. He has built himself a big image with his attractive welfare schemes.

    Yet, there was an overwhelming response from the people and the politicians to Chiranjeevi’s PRP.

    But, sadly after launching the party everything went out of his control and ultimately it met with a disaster in the 2009 elections. The people, who made him believe a big success with their presence to his meetings, gave him a big shock by defeating his party. And it’s almost a close shave to his party. His big ambition to become CM of the state and all his dreams were shattered with people’s verdict. If not mistaken, even Chiranjeevi and his close aides might have predicted this well before the polling began. His inability to control the party in the nick of moment creates a big confusion in the party. Immediately the return of migrations from his party begins. Also begins spicy gossips against him in the media tarnishing his image. Thus grabbing the opportunity his political rivals as well as his own party leaders, made him a political buffoon in the elections. His party was defeated very badly and was able to won only 17 seats in the elections.

    However, one should appreciate Chiranjeevi for his sincerity. He has sincerely accepted that he is incapable to run a political party for a longtime. So, he starts drifting towards Congress party, which he has thrashed like anything in the elections. And, one fine day, he has announced his decision to merge his party into Congress.

    His decision further damaged his already-damaged image. The image that he built through years of hard work was stained with his political blunders. People especially his fans hurt with his decision. While some of his fans left him, some of his party leaders went to media and courts questioning his decision. But, later they also agree that it is the only one firm decision that Chiranjeevi has ever taken after launching the party.

    So, the merger was over and in return some of his colleagues got some minister posts at state level and others got nominated into various posts at district level. Finally, he also nominated to Rajyasabha and also got a minister post in Manmohan’s cabinet recently.

    So, one could assume that he reached to top again with this promotion. Even Chiranjeevi and his close aides also may think so.

    But, is it a real victory for him, who used to climb step-by step to reach his goal?

    The man who promised to bring social reforms now reforms himself as a person who needs power of a minister. Did he understand that all his political promises and principals are of no use when he couldn’t make it to top? If, one reaches to top position does that mean people should accept him as their real leader forgetting the promises that he made to him? Is it an ethical win or a political win for him? Did he won the game or loose? Let the people decide about it.

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