• Is Kejriwal driving in right direction?

    Now and then, Aravind Kejriwal leader of India against corruption party comes to media with some sort of sensational news aiming at big heads of the country and thus hitting the media headlines for a day or two. But, does his act makes any impact on the system that is accustomed to bear the grunt and forgot anything on the next day and look for some thing new again?

    So far, Arvind Kejriwal has aimed his guns at Robert Wadra, son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi, BJP President Nitin Gadkari, Ambhanis of Reliance and many others. But, ultimately what happens? Nothing! Just some statements condemning his allegations by the concerned!

    When, a person of such caliber couldn’t understand that it is not possible to make any change in the system by naming some people, then why did he repeating his feat again and again? When he has some concrete evidences against the corruption, then why didn’t he or his party bring them to book by filing cases against corrupts? Why is he wasting his energies and making enemies even before he construct his party full fledged? Who is guiding him to do so? Is he a misguided missile or just a pawn in the corporates game?


    If, Arvind Kejriwal really plans to remove corruption out of the country, he would have built his party first and made it ready to face the upcoming elections, so as he can have his word in the Government. But, instead of making necessary infrastructure for the party operations, he is concentrating on getting media attention on himself. Is it some kind of policy to draw the people towards his party? If so, why did many of his close aides departs from him in the very beginning of this process? What makes many like Anna Hazare distance from him?

    There are many questions that need to be addressed. Let us see how this young chap Kejriwal drives his party to the success and how will he achieve his goals.

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