• KCR is feudalist: Mandha Krishna

    As guessed by one and all, KCR supporting Prof. Kodhandaram’s remarks made against Minister Geeta Reddy draws severe criticism from the backward classes. MRPS president Mandha Krishna Madiga is first to condemn his remarks. Speaking to media at Siddipeata in Medak district on Sunday, he said that KCR has proved once again that he proved himself as a feudalistic by supporting Prof. Kodhandaram, who hurts the self-respect of backward classes with his remarks.

    “If, KCR really has respect for our backward classes, why doesn’t he put a photo of late Eeswaribai, who fought for Telangana decades before to his agitation? Why doesn’t he celebrate her birth and death anniversaries in Telangana Bhavan? We are not bothered whether he (KCR) stick to his promise of giving chance to a backward person as the first Chief Minister of Telangana state or not, but we won’t let him insult us again and again in the name of cast.”

    Speaking further he said “KCR’s statement is an indication of how our lives will be when the Telangana state forms. TNGO leader Devi Prasad also has proved to be another feudalistic man like KCR and Prof. Kodhandaram. He warned us to stop talking against them or else they will start attacking us. I am going to hold a huge meeting with our backward classes people on the same day and same place at Suryapeta (Nalgonda district) on 25th of this month, where KCR and his allies are going to hold the meeting. I challenge them all to stop us if they can. We will not tolerate any insults further in the name of our cast. We are going to launch a full fledged political party very soon in which all the communities in the society will have their due share depending on the population ratios.”

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