• KCR makes a ‘chicken legs’ appeal

    KCR Chicken

    K ChandraSekhar Rao who is the current Chief Minister of the newly formed state Telangana made an appeal to the Union Government to stop importing chicken legs from the US. Speaking at the 8th Poultry Expo here in Hyderabad, he also stated that Indian companies will be getting special benefits if they are wiling to invest in this industry.

    Stating that such an initiative needs center’s support he also claimed that Telangana as a state is leading the poultry industry in terms of production and can deliver the quality that the nation is seeking and that there is no need to import chicken from the US.

    Yesterday, he got all the media channels to cover the launch of 80 new buses in Hyderabad. Today, he is trying to create news around chicken legs and its import. While we don’t want to judge, we definitely feel the state of Telangana can deliver more than chicken legs and inconsequential news.

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