• Kejriwal launches ‘Aam Admi party’

    India against Corruption team has launched their political party ‘Aam Admi party’ after having a brain storm meeting of its 320 members at Constitution Club at New Delhi today. Arvind Kejriwal part ways with social activist Anna Hazare on September 19th as they differ on launching a political party to erase corruption from the country.

    Arvind Kejriwal speaking to media said “During the last one and half years, we have approached every political party seeking its support to bring a powerful Lokpal bill, but in vain. So, we have decided that instead of knocking at their doors it would be better to fight it out on our own.”

    Briefing about party, “The highest position in our new party will be ‘party coordinator’ only. There will be no president or general secretary for our party. Only one member from a family is allowed to occupy positions in the party. Our party will contest in the Delhi Assembly elections in December next year.”

    Replying to Congress party’s objections over party name, he said we believe it is Congress party which hijacked this name to achieve its political goals and not us.

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