• Kejriwal strikes again

    India against Corruption party leader Arvind Kejriwal in a press-meet held a short while ago strikes again on Reliance-brothers Mr.Mukesh and Mr.Anil Ambhani, whom he accused of sending black-money to Swiss Bank in Geneva(HSBC bank). He said both Ambhani brothers have transferred an amount of Rs.200 crores in year 2006, apart from Rs.500 crores by their Reliance Industries and Rs.2100 crores by one of their group of companies.

    Kejriwal said that he got a big list of 700 people who belongs to all sections in the country ranging from businessmen to politicians. However, they have deposited only Rs.6000 crores out of Rs.25,00,000 crores lying now in the Swiss banks. Kejriwal said he got this list from a top leader in Congress party few days ago. He also revealed several names from the list that he handed over to media people.

    Speaking further, he said it is easier to open a Swiss Bank account rather than opening a State Bank account in India. Explaining the mode of operand “Whoever wants to open a Swiss bank account has to call the concerned officer of the bank. (Kejriwal gave the officer’s phone numbers also.)Then a local agent of the bank will come to your house and completes all necessary formalities at your ease. The same day account will be opened and you will be one of the proud Swiss bank customers. The same procedure applies to remit or withdraw the amount from the bank. Just call the concerned officer of the bank and the amount will be given to you or will be collected from you at your door step by the bank agent. Each time a new agent will come to you for every transaction you make with the bank. All these transactions are done through hawala. ”

    Kejriwal declared a few names of Swiss Bank customers.

    They are Kokilaben (mother of Ambhani brothers), Anil Ambhani-Rs.100 crores, Mukesh Ambhani-Rs.100 crores, Reliance Industries Ltd.- Rs 500 crores; Motech Software Private Ltd- Rs. 2,100 crores; Sandeep Tandon – Rs 125 crores; Anu Tandon – Rs 125 crores; Naresh Kumar Goyal – Rs 80 crores; The  Burman’s family – Rs 25 crores.

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