• Kiran regains his lost confidence?

    Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, who seems completely lost self confidence due to the unexpected events has taken place during the last few weeks and also revealed his bad mood during a meeting held at Ravindra Bharati, seems fully recovered and appears very bold.

    Kiran Kumar boldly convened the 3day special Assembly sessions, while his government hardly having enough majority in the floor. He wisely overcomes this problem by playing ‘SC, ST Sub-plan bill’ cards in the Assembly. He was so sure of his plan that no one dares him while he is introducing this bill in the Assembly. For the first time in the state Assembly history, every one obeyed the floor rules and let the proceedings go smooth. This is the first victory for Kiran Kumar Reddy during the recent days.

    He has maintained the same makeup while facing the media at Assembly lobbies today. When the media people tried to screw him down with their questions over Dharmana’s prosecution refusal by cabinet, he boldly facing them shots question asking “When the cabinet takes a decision on particular issue, what do you want me to tell? We have decided to refuse permission to prosecute Minister Dharmana Prasada rao. You shouldn’t compare his case with Mopidevi’s case. We believe both can’t be measured with same yard stick.”

    He also asks the people to bear with the soaring power tariffs as there is huge shortage of power and gas supplies.

    Kiran Kumar Reddy boasting his government has said “We are the first in the country to bring a bill for SC, ST Sub-Plan, which itself proves our dedication towards the uplift of backward classes.”



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