• Lagadapati says ‘T’ problem solved

    Vijayawada Congress MP Lagadapati Rajagopal has told the reporters here at Vijayawada that, these days he was quite because he believes Telangana problem was solved and he need not to make any remarks on it.

    He said “When there is no Telangana problem, then why should I speak about it? I don’t think there is any thing wrong ifKrishnawater is diverted to the draught hit Rayaseema area. We are facing some set backs due to lack of co-ordination between our government and the party. I believe migrations from and to our party are very common in our party.  However, our party high command will look after the recent migrations from our party. If, we could efficiently campaign about all our welfare schemes implemented by our ruling Congress government, definitely we will win in the 2014 elections.



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