• Lord Rama is a bad man: Jetmalani

    Even before the dust settles of BJP President Nitin Gadkari’s controversial statement over Swamy Vivekananda, senior BJP leader and noted Advocate Ram Jetmalani has stirred another controversy with his latest statement on Lord Sri Rama and his younger brother Lord Sri Lakshmana.

    During the launching of a book wrote on the male-female relationships in the Indian society, Ram Jetmalani said “I do not like Sri Rama, because I believe he is not a good husband. He sent his wife Sitadevi to forest just because some one has pointed out at her. He did so merely to satisfy his male ego. That’s why, I never worship him as God. I also do not like his younger brother Lakshmana, because when his brother Ram asked him to search for Sita he refused to do so, stating that he couldn’t recognize her because he has never seen her face but was always used to see at her feet only. Ultimately, both these men betrayed a woman Sita. So, I never worship these two.”

    Let us see how RSS and Shivsena parties receive this statement of their ally.


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