• Minister Raghuveera joins Pada Yatra series

    Added to the list of people doing pada-yatras these days, here comes Minister Raghuveera Reddy. He begins the 2nd day of his pada-yatra given name as Bhageeratha Yatra from Malyal inKurnool district today. Unlike the two leaders who are going heavy against Kiran Government, Raghuveera begins his pada-yatra in support of his Government.

    His BY pada-yatra will continue for 7 days educating the people of drought-hit-Rayalaseema about the benefits they are going to get from the prestigious Handri Neeva project waters. The first phase of this prestigious project was inaugurated by Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy at Malyal in Kurnool on Sunday. This project is intended to supply irrigation water to 6 lakh acres and drinking water to hundreds of villalges in Anatapur and Kurnool districts

    Speaking to media at Malyal  Raghuveera Reddy said that around 3.3 lakh people will be benefited with this project. He assured the people that he will see the water reach Jeedipalli reservoir before 29th of this month.

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