• New threat for Kiran Kumar Govt.

    It seems there is no end to the troubles for Kiran Kumar Reddy Government. Just few weeks ago MIM withdraws its support to his Government leaving him beleaguered. Ever since, the media gives him sleepless nights with its ever new stories of his replacement soon. The rumors continue till the Congress high command intervenes to settle the matter.

    Next comes, Union Minister Kishore Chandradev’s controversial letter recommending the party high command to replace the CM and PCC President as they both are unfit to lead the Government and the party in the state. Both state and central leaders of Congress party drew swords over this issue. But, some how, the matter was hushed-up.

    Need not to mention about Minister DL Ravindra Reddy, who becomes an eye sore for Kiran Kumar Reddy.

    The latest trouble also comes from within. Senior congress leader and Chittoor MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, who is angry with CM Kiran Kumar Reddy for sidelining him in the district level politics has demanded the party high command to replace CM Kiran Kumar Reddy immediately. He also gave a deadline up to 30th November, failing which he would resign to his MLA post on the other day. However, the reason he is telling for CM replacement is not sanctioning funds to his constituency by Kiran Kumar Reddy. He said he couldn’t bear the discrimination any further.

    He also gives a terrible shock to Kiran Kumar Reddy Government stating that there are five MLAs to follow him, incase if he resigns. In such case Kiran Kumar Reddy Government which is doing a tight rope walk with 153 MLAs, will collapse immediately by loosing its 5 MLAs to Peddireddy.

    Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy has served as DCCI president for 9 times and elected as MLA for 5 times. However, CM Kiran Kumar Reddy sidelined him in the party and in his Government, ever since he assumed CM office two years ago.

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