• New twists in Rs. 6.7 crore catch

    The sensational catch of Rs.6.7 crores at DGP office takes a new twist. This time the self-proclaimed-God Bala Saibaba  of Kurnool came into seen. A close aide of him named Mr.Rama Rao, who looks after all his money transactions and known to be second to Bala Saibaba, has appeared in DGP office today to claim the money. Although, Ramarao is a key aide of Balasai baba, basically he is realtor in Kurnool city.

    According to him, Rs.4.9 crores of the amount was drawn from Andhra Bank inHyderabad from Balasai Trust account through a cheque and the balance amount has been collected from several persons. The amount is intended to purchase a land in Mysore city. A person named Vamsi is assigned to complete this big task. Ramarao’s part of this job was over with handing money to him. Vamsi, who is supposed to reach Mysore with the money, when caught at DGP office with auto breakdown fearing an arrest by police absconds. Ramarao told the police that he doesn’t know about all that happens at DGP office.

    He said when he came to know about the matter he immediately came to DGP office to clear the air. However, Police officials are still having many doubts as Ramarao has no answers to all their questions. Hence, they plan to investigate the case in depth before they handover the money to anyone. They said IT department will initiate an investigation into this matter.

    Several questions about why such a big amount has been transported in an unsecured method when the deal is fair? When they have a cheque facility or online money transfer facility, why didn’t they use the safe systems to transfer the money? Who were the persons gave the balance amount which sums up to crores of rupees and why?

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