• OCTL says Bye to Telangana

    KCR Sad

    Telangana state saw another big jolt as India’s lone manufacturer of wide range of products for oil and gas drilling equipments Oil Country Tubular announced its move to Andhra. Speaking to the press, the management of OCTL cited pressure from TRS affiliated trade unions, disruption of operations by the same as main reasons.

    This drastic step was taken when some of the trade union workers came down to damaging critical equipment. Its irony as Telangana government announced new industrial policy promising industrialists a relook at the age-old regulations. 

    This is just a smack on the face of Telangana government and is causing them more embarrassment. The government is already facing flak for offering power holidays affecting the overall GDP of the state. 

    If there is anyone who is smiling, its Andhra Pradesh to where OCTL is now moving all its operations. OCTL is already in talks to get all the statutory approvals to move its facility. After Hero MotoCorp, the 500 crore OCTL (that is a part of the 5000 Cr Kamineni Group) is another big win for the newly formed Andhra Pradesh.    

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