• Our options are still open for Cong. Kavita

    Although, TRS party snapped ties with Congress party and start abusing it in its meetings, Telangana Jagruti forum president and KCR’s daughter K.Kavita in a media interview has said that their options are still open for Congress party. She said “If, the congress party comes out with a positive answer, even at this stage we are ready to reconsider our decision of maintaining relation with it. But, it should come out with a solid action plan like introducing the Telangana bill in the current Parliament sessions to assure us on Telangana issue otherwise we are not ready to be fooled by its statements.”

    Speaking about alliance with BJP “BJP hardly has 5% following in Telangana region, where as our TRS party enjoys 95% of the Telangana peoples’ support. So, I would like to ask whether it is fair for BJP to come to us or shall we have to approach them?”

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