• People’s miseries are opportunities?

    Almost all the political leaders in the state are telling the people that the state politics have taken into an ugly shape and completely lost morals and ethics, while believing that they and their party alone is the only one honest left in the politics and the rest is very corrupt and immoral. They want the people believe what they believes. All the leaders are taking pain to educate the people with their pada-yatras. But, are the people really so ignorant about the ongoing political developments in the state?

    Particularly, Chandrababu and Sharmila who are busy with pada-yatras, sees every misery of the people as an opportunity to underline the failure of the present Government and to criticize their rivals.

    Obviously both of they have made it clear that they want the people to elect them to power in the next general elections, if their problems to be resolved. They assure the people that they can make their miseries vanish into thin air with a magic stick that is called power.

    Both these leaders try to attract the people by transforming themselves into different shapes like a road side tea vendor or posing with a goat or a child in their arms. Does this kind of tricks really necessary to impress the people? Shall people really fall for these tricks and vote for them? Both these leaders who have strong cadres spread across the state would have tried other way to impress the people instead of doing all these silly things. Would they fight out on issues that concern the common man like petrol price hike, reduction of subsidized gas cylinders, high tariff of power bills, soaring prices of commodities etc, would gives them some returns in the next general elections. But, unfortunately they still need to be educated rather than educating the people.

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