• Religious sentiment claims life of innocent

    The religious sentiment of not allowing women for abortion in Ireland has claimed the life of an innocent Indian woman Dr.Savita Halappanavar, the 31 year old dentist serving the country. Although, the law of the land allows abortion in exceptional cases like life threat to mother, the doctors of Gal way University simply refused to operate her stating that the 17 week old foetus was still alive with its heart beating and hence they couldn’t operate her, as per catholic laws of the land.

    Despite requests by Dr.Savita and her husband for abortion, the doctors knowing that she is heavily bleeding inside, which would be fatal for her, they refused to operate her. The doctors of the hospital waited till the heart beat of the foetus stops. Then only they have operated her. But, by the time it was too late and she died in pain and struggling for life on 28th of October.

    Dr.Savita’s parents asked whether the laws are above human life. Whether the catholic laws preach to ignore the humanitarian approach to implement the laws? This barbarous incident creates chaos among the people. People inIrelandandEnglandhits the streets demanding immediate changes in controversial abortion laws of the land and action against the concerned doctors.

    Bowed to the intensified protests from all over the world, The Deputy prime Minister ofIreland, Eamon Gilmore has said his government is pledged to clarify the laws of abortion so as such mistakes won’t be repeated in future again. He also ordered for an inquiry into this case. TheIrelandparliament mourns for the death of Dr.Savita Halappanavar. However, everyone knows all these things can’t bring Dr.Savita back to life.

    Dr.Savita and her husband Praveen who is working as engineer in Irelandhails from Karnataka. She was admitted in the hospital with severe pain and internal bleeding on 21st of October. She was put to bear the heavy pains and bleeding for the rest of the 7 days till her death. It is annoying everybody to see her loose her life to rules and inhumanity. Praveen, who also aware of the abortion laws of the country, would he shifted her to England or to India on the day one, she would have been saved, but, he also fails to take quick decision in those critical hours.


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