• Sharmila talks about Telangana

    YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister Sharmila has started her first day of ‘Maro Prashtanam’ pada-yatra in Telangana region from Pullur village in Mehboob Nagar district on thursday.

    Addressing the people she spoke about Telangana people and about the welfare schemes implemented by her father late YS.Rajashekar Reddy. But, she didn’t reveal her party stand on Telangana issue.

    She begins her speech introducing herself as daughter of late YSR. Then she tried to win the hearts of locals by saluting the martyrs of Telangana and calling them as her brothers and sisters. She appealed the people not to commit suicide for Telangana cause.

    “I swear on this sacredlandofTelanganaand tell you that we together will save Telangana. Jagananna will surely bring light into your lives. He and my father very much love Telangana people. That’s why my father was used to start every welfare scheme from this region only. Telangana people also love him so much that when he died many people in Telangana have committed suicides or died of heart attacks. Knowing his popularity among the people, the TDP and Congress parties have conspired against my brother Jagan and put him in the jail. But, I am sure that one day he will come out clean. I assure you all that once Jagananna comes to power all your problems will be solved. He will strive hard for all round development of Telangana,” said Sharmila.




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