• Sharmila’s remarks irks TRS cadre

    YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister Sharmila’s remarks made against KCR irk his party cadre. His daughter and Telangana Jagruti forum president Kavita is first to retaliate her remarks. She demands an unconditional apology from Sharmila for her remarks.

    She challenged Sharmila whether she is ready for a debate on her father late YSR’s corrupt practices in connection with Bayyaram and Obulapuram mines.

    Kavita said “I am ready for a public debate with Sharmila over these issues any where during her pada-yatra in Telangana. Then only, she will realize whether my father will hold her feet or people will catch her neck. Everyone in Telangana knows that her father was inclined towards Seemandhra. They know how did he looted and cheated the people here. We also very well know about the business deals of his family with both the mining companies. That’s how her brother Jagan has landed in the jail. Would their father been alive now, he also would have landed in jail along with his son.”

    Making fun of Jagan Kavita says, “If Jagan would have been in Telangana jail, by now he would have sold the jail and its lands also.”

    Kavita advising her rival said “You describe yourself as the arrow shot by your brother Jagan Mohan Reddy. In such case, just confine yourself to your party campaign but don’t try to sling mud against my father or on our party. Otherwise, we will teach you a lesson. It takes only ten minutes to stop your pada-yatra.”


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