• Speed to Action is the Mantra for AP CM




    Chandrababu Naidu is paving way to speedy success as he continues to build teams for immediate approvals for different industries. Taking advantage of this is the retail industry in Andhra Pradesh.

    In an attempt to boost the retail segment in the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh, the CM said that the government would make it easier for retailers across the state to open multiple outlets. To ensure this is done immediately, he has announced a single-point clearance window that will issue the required permission post taking a few basic documents and ensuring that the retailers follow retail guidelines.
    This decision comes after retailers from the state met ChandraBabu and requested him to come up with a simpler system that will help them expand across the state fast.
    As a return, he only urged the retailers to follow the labor laws, keep the stores open 365 days, encourage use of local produce etc to bring in revenues.
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