• Stalemate over FDI continues

    Even after the 3rd day of winter Parliament sessions, the ruling and opposition parties stick to their stand on FDI bill, thus indicating stalemate to continue for the 4th day also. While the opposition parties, mainly BJP is demanding for a discussion on the FDI bill under section 184, which allows voting on the bill, Congress party  and its allies opposing their demand. Both the houses were adjourned for several times as the opposition parties stall the proceedings in the house demanding voting on FDI bill.

    Although, Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh holds an all party meeting on yesterday, they couldn’t strike an accord over the FDI bill. While PM appeals the opposition parties to co-operate for the house proceedings, opposition leader in the house Sushma Swaraj ruled out the chance until their demand met with. So, it is evident that today also both the houses will be adjourned without discussing any issues. Both Congress party and BJP indulged in blame game over this issue.

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