• Swine Flu grips Telangana, Andhra also feels the tremors

    swine flu

    More than 200 cases have been reported in the city of Hyderabad with 10 confirmed deaths that have been attributed to the deadly influenza H1N1 virus called as swine flu in the new year. There have been multiple measures being taken by the government of Telangana as people have started hitting panic button.

    Needing additional help to resolve this issue, the Telangana Cheif Minister has reached out to the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi for central assistance. Understanding the severity of the situation, Modi has agreed to send help.

    The state of Andhra Pradesh is also feeling the tremors with more than 10 afected cases being reported. The government has confirmed one casualty so far. Chief Minister of AP, Mr. ChandraBabu Naidu who is currently in Davos has been conducting video conferences with the concerned officials to be on the top of the situation.

    As the swine flu becomes rampant, both the governments have asked the people to be safe and ensure that their places and its surroundings are kept clean.

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