• Tagore was Second-rate play write: Kannad

    The so called intellectuals of society now and then take the people by surprise with their controversial statements. Even common men wonder why these people speak like this in public.

    The latest controversy is stirred by renowned writer, actor, director and film maker Girish Karnad. He stated “Rabindranath Tagore indeed was a great personality but in my view he was a second-rate play writer. His play writes and his personal image are two different things. We have to caliber them separately. If we see his works ignoring his personal image behind it, we will find that he is a second-rate play writer.”

    Obviously, his statement is drawing huge protests from people all over. Some opined “Is it necessary to sling mud against such a noble person, with whom the people proud of? Did he (Karnad) know that even now also he is seeking the same person’s (Tagore’s) help to get some publicity?”

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